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Young Generation & Erectile Dysfunction – Reasons Not To Be Ignored

24Oct 2019

The life of every young man revolves around the quality of complete well-being and maintaining an intimate relationship with his partner. But these two aspects of leading a life cheerfully are being threatened for an increasing number of young adults. Today most of them are the victims to erectile dysfunction (ED), the lack of penile erection while having sex every now & then. This can be a common medical condition in the persons of advanced ages, but why is the young generation so affected by ED? This bigger question provokes us to find the reasons for daily life activities.

Unhealthy Lifestyle
The majority of young adult men are habituated to leading a fast & unhealthy life even at an early age. They mostly consume junk food to relish their taste while maintaining a balanced diet every day is typically impossible for many for them. The doctors and specialists find such a lifestyle highly detrimental to maintaining sexual wellness. Junk food items increase man’s cholesterol & blood pressure to a great extent. Consequently, it hampers proper blood circulation and hardens arteries instead of the penis. Such malfunction ultimately results in erectile dysfunction as well.

Smoking & Being Alcoholic
Several campaigns are widely executed to propagate the damaging effects of smoking and the consumption of drugs & alcohol. However, most of the young male individuals remain uninfluenced by such awareness. The young adults take pleasure in a higher intake of alcohol even on a daily basis while some of them are accustomed to smoking. Unfortunately, the number is rapidly increasing and so are the patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Heavy drinking actually causes the blood vessels to contract and hence prevents sufficient blood from reaching the penis. The chain smokers are more likely to lose their penile erection during sexual intercourse and eventually become the sufferer of ED.

Watching Porn Recurrently
According to renowned sex therapists and urologists, erectile dysfunction is getting common among the younger male individuals with each passing day. They have accounted for the addiction to pornography for being one of the crucial reasons to cause erectile dysfunction. A man who keeps viewing porn videos more than three times a week tends to lose the desire for sexual intercourse on a real-life basis. It happens because the dopamine reserves of his brain are constantly being reduced from overstimulation. Today a major part of the young generation is accustomed to watching porn while most of them cannot spend a day without having a glance at pornography.

Other Reasons like Cycling
It may sound quite weird to many but the fact is proven. The regular cyclers may also be at risk to suffer from erectile dysfunction. The long-distance cycling often tends to damage the human nerve systems that help in penile stimulation at times of having sexual intercourse. In case of a severe accident during a road trip, any damage to the penis can be responsible for partial erectile dysfunction as well.

In order to retain good health & sexual wellness, young men should restrain the above discussed activities in everyday life. It will definitely lower the number of sufferers of ED in the nearest future.

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