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Working from Home? Here’s How to Be Productive All Day?

2Apr 2020

Many companies are recommending and mandating their employees to work from home due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. In this world of social distancing, you may feel alone but you shouldn’t be.

If you don’t have a separate home office or you haven’t worked from home before, distractions happen. Of course, you are away from your daily work environment. You have to wash dishes, do laundry, and clean up your home. In addition, you may also want to catch up with your favorite Netflix show to binge-watch on empty hours.

If you are used to socializing at work, isolation can be a turn-off. First of all, you need some breakfast, sit up straight, and stay focused on the job. Here’s how you can stay productive when working from home.

Find a Cozy Space
First of all, find a cozy and calm space to work. It means you must be out of bed and get off the couch. Find a space where you can shut off distractions. You may not want to head out to a public place to avoid spreading COVID-19.   

Take some breaks
Sitting at a place for several hours can wreak havoc on your health and you might feel lazy. To stay active, get off your chair to walk around your home, exercise and sit back. It keeps your body more awake.

Practice chair yoga
It is really a healthy and unique exercise. You can practice breathing techniques like Pranayama, Kapalbharti, Anulom-Vilom, and others. It is a great stress-buster to make you feel active and fresh. It also clears your mind and strengthens your breathing power.

All in all, you need to be creative and don’t let negativity overwhelm your happiness, productivity, and peace of mind.

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