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Virtual Reality Therapy


Virtual Reality Therapy

At The Wellness Pro Clinic, we are using Virtual Reality to achieve our goal for effective rehabilitation. For people with motor impairments following neurological injury, what looks to be an everyday task like eating, typing an email, reading a book, can become a challenge.

Neuroplasticity of the brain is the underlying concept for the creation of our therapy games. The brain has the ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections, both functionally and physically in response to new learning or physical therapy following an injury to its brain cells.

Research shows that the more time a patient dedicates to therapy with functional goals in mind, the stronger the synapses and faster reorganization of the brain can be achieved.

Here, by employing machine learning, we’ve tailored each exercise to patient’s specific therapy needs & ability so that they can receive the most efficient care possible to progress recovery.

Compares Virtual therapy exercises are created with precise control over the stimulus and the cognitive head that the patient experiences.

With Virtual Rehabilitation, you interact with the virtual world in 3 dimensions, thus providing a more immersive experience that utilizes more of your senses and brain power. This is proven to be a lot more valuable than two dimensional Virtual Therapy practices and no functional interactivity at all.

Our customized Virtual therapy exercises records physiological and kinematic responses, therefore quantifying the progress of the patient with scores and metrics over time.