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Paediatric Rehab – Sensory Integration, Autism Cerebral Palsy


Paediatric Rehab – Sensory Integration, Autism Cerebral Palsy

Paediatric rehabilitation is designed to improve the abilities of children and young people following major injury, illness or medical procedures which affect their function. Paediatric rehabilitation programs aim to maximise the ability of the child to participate in activities at home, school and the community. Families and caregivers play a key role in the rehabilitation program. An individualised program is designed to achieve speci?c goals in  areas such as mobility, selfcare and communication.

Sensory experiences include touch, movement, body awareness, sight, sound, smell, taste and the pull of gravity. Sensory Integration (SI) provides a crucial foundation for more complex learning and behaviour at a later stage of life.

How it Benefits

Facilities available are:

  • Happy Giddy Tunnel Round Platform Swing Platform Swing
  • Rope Ladder Trampoline
  • Tactile Balance Stepping tones
  • Therapy Ball
  • Cando Balance Wobble Board Feet Print Marker Colours
  • Ball Pool
  • Wall Rock Stone Climber Colour Selector