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Neuro Rehabilitation


Neuro Rehabilitation

The face of neurorehabilitation has progressively changed in recent years. Traditional neurorehabilitation procedures may have limited efficacy in most patients with common neurological diseases, such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, severe brain injury, Spasticity and cognitive disorders.

Here we have new technologies to enhance the effectiveness of rehabilitation strategies in these conditions. They include well-equipped in-house gymnasium, virtual reality, Functional electrostimulation to enhance the intensity and quality of neurorehabilitation and to manipulate brain excitability.

Compared to other neuro rehabilitation clinics, patients at TheWellness Pro Clinic  can rely on more therapists who care for them. Our Clinic has two times as many therapists as patients. This means that we are able to provide more one on one therapy and can react quickly to the patient’s needs.

Based on our research expertise we use a scientific approach to clinical neuro rehabilitation, that is no first understand the patient’s deficit, them treat it specifically and continuously test whether the treatment works.

The Wellness Pro treatment concept is based on inter disciplinary collaboration combining personalized and highly intense treatment, using innovative technology and including the patient’s social environment.

The Wellness Pro aims to explore and research the full potential of neurorehabilitation or make it accessible to patient’s as early as possible.