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Desmotec Sports Training & The Wellness Pro Clinic – How They Are Related?

5Dec 2019

Physiotherapy treatment of the injured sports persons slightly differs from that of general people suffering from chronic joint or muscle pain. The players definitely need to undergo some special therapy sessions or treatment procedures to bring enough stamina back to their bones, joints, and muscles. Keeping the aspect of their sports performance in mind, the Italian company Desmotec started their journey with providing isoinertial training for sports-persons & athletes.

Desmotec Training
Desmotec Sports Training & Rehab Centre in Italy aims at providing the latest athletic training, isoinertial training, and several effective recovery services in order to ensure an all-round improvement of a sports individual. In the domain of isoinertial technology, Desmotec offers a set of innovative techniques and revolutionary systems, thus gathering high acclaim from every corner of the world. The exercises in accordance with Desmotec method are computer-aided, simple and highly functional to ensure fruitful results.

Desmotec Sports Training & The Wellness Pro Clinic
Being the Physiotherapist of The Wellness Pro Clinic, a Gurgaon-based physiotherapy centre in India, a Physiotherapist holds extensive experience of several years, has worked with a number of leading hospitals in India, as a dedicated physiotherapist while managing other related responsibilities too. During his career, he has attained prolific certifications in a wide spectrum of physiotherapy segments like manual therapy, Taping techniques, spinal manipulation, osteopathy and so on.

The Wellness Pro Clinic – the Pioneer of Desmotec Training Programme in India
In India, The Wellness Pro Clinic and Desmotec Sports Training Programme are synonymous with each other. It is because The Wellness Pro Clinic has introduced the computer-assisted innovative training method known as "Desmotec Sports Performance Enhancement Programme" for the first time in the country.

10 Benefits of Treatment with The Wellness Pro Clinic

  1. 1. Availability of absolutely trusted physiotherapy services in Gurgaon under the supervision of the best Physiotherapist.
  2. 2. Immense & versatile experience in the field.
  3. 3. Fast diagnosis of exact health issues causing joint or muscle pains.
  4. 4. Perfect detection of the origin of excruciating bone or muscle pain.
  5. 5. Advantages of the latest technology and cutting-edge therapy techniques.
  6. 6. Multitalented specialist of varied therapy methods.
  7. 7. Useful advice & guidance in the post-treatment stage.
  8. 8. Superiority and efficiency in Desmotec Sports Training Programme.
  9. 9. Cost-effective treatment for all.
  10. 10. One can visit THE Wellness Pro clinic to start physiotherapy treatment.

Desmotec Training Availability in Gurgaon
From Italy, the Desmotec Sports Training Programme has reached India today and these training modules are available at The Wellness Pro Clinic Gurgaon. It is highly beneficial for all athletes, professional or beginners in India.

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