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The Wellness Pro clinic is a one stop solution for Pain & wellness. We bring in Latest Technologies & Techniques in the field of Physical Medical Rehabilitation & with immense expertise in Conservative Management help people cure and prevent: Musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, Post-Operative Rehabilitation, Neurological challenges, Postural issues and none the less pain management with versatility.

Our team is well experienced to catermost of the physical health problems related to muscles &joint and help prevent surgical interventions where in possible to treat conservatively.

Most treatment protocols are based on modern evidence based clinical researches related to Posture, Alignment and Biomechanics of human body. This scientific approach is designed in such a way that it collaborates between structural & functional status, the static & dynamic challenges in daily activity.

Wellness Pro stands competent enough to rejuvenate as a whole and bring the vigour and vitality back in your lives through its holistic approach to health, wellness and harmony

  • Mission
  • Vision

Our mission is to help people achieve their optimal performance and function to create a balance through holistic treatment under one roof.

We are committed to provide the highest standard of care for our clients.

Human Health is supreme and a sincere, learned and dedicated healthcare system should own the responsibility.

The Wellness Pro Clinic TEAM

Dr Gargi Naha
Clinical Director
Dr Nidhi Arora
Clinical Director
Dr. Bhashkar Singh
Senior Physiotherapist
Anurag Saxena
Kshitij Saxena
Sachit Khanna